A Channeled Text Toward Awakening Human Consciousness

"The Lion's Wisdom" is a 2020 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Winner in the Non-Fiction - New Age genre!




Author’s Note

As humans we have lost the ancient wisdom that we are the keepers of Mother Earth. In order to restore that wisdom, we must realize that we are One with everything in this Universe. What we have caused is an illusion of separation. As long as we live with this illusion that we are separate from the animal and plant kingdom, we will continue to destroy nature.

About Author

​Uma Shankari was born and raised in India. She left India in 1997 to pursue her higher education in the US. She has an MS in Electrical Engineering. She chose a career in IT and had worked in the corporate world until 2014. After 16 solid years in the industry, when she thought her life was set in IT, she had a spiritual awakening that would change her future forever in ways that she could not fathom. While contemplating career alternatives, she was led consciously to leave the corporate world without regret and without a plan of action. In her heart she knew she needed time off to be with her spiritual journey and contemplate what was next for her which she did. Her awakening was supported by the books written by Paul Selig who wrote the “I am the Word” series. She credits her spiritual awakening to the books written by Paul, which are words of wisdom.

About The Lion’s Wisdom

The Lion’s Wisdom is the second book channeled by Uma but the first to be published. In the Lion’s Wisdom, a wise lion, distraught by the condition of the world and its people, tutors a human student about the part we all play in creating and preserving balance and harmony on Mother Earth. An exploration of the true nature of the soul and spirituality, The Lion’s Wisdom will move you to see the world around you differently.

Galactic Art

In 2019 Uma had yet another awakening into another dimension she had never ventured upon. She started downloading codes and art work. Never was she an artist and had no inkling or interest towards creating art. One day, it all changed. She was writing her latest book, when it was revealed to her that she would download codes. When she writes her channels are open and information flows freely without any prodding or thinking. While she was barely beginning to get comfortable with the writing, her art came into her life in an unexpected way. Had you asked her a few years ago if she could draw, she would have laughed. “No way” would have been her precise answer. Once she finished her latest book in Dec of 2019, with trepidation she sat down to tap into the codes. In short, she started downloading symbols unbeknownst to her. In about 5-6 days after which, she started drawing patterns that were musical in nature. In another week or so on Jan 2nd of 2020, she started drawing beautiful patterns at a rapid rate. Her patterns were unbelievable to herself. Fast forward to the current time, she has created over 300 pieces of art. Her work contains the golden mean as the basis. While friends and family not only find it to be too beautiful, the true identity of the art lies in the healing and the information it reveals. One can see the cosmos in her art. In June of 2020 she did a remote viewing session with a leading expert Dominique Surel. The result of the RV was astounding. It was confirmed in the RV that about 10-12 ET’s from an advanced civilization are connected to her and her art.

Innate Wisdom

Innate wisdom is seldom talked about or encouraged in today’s world. Every plant, animal, piece of rock and dust contains innate wisdom. Measurement is the flip side of innate wisdom. When we measure how one is more advanced through the mere physical aspect, we ignore the innate wisdom that exists within. When we realize everything that exists in any shape, form or size contains the vastness of wisdom, we realize size or measurement is absence of innate wisdom. I, a human contains the same innate wisdom as a rat or a hydra or a piece of rock. When such a realization occurs we cease to treat other beings indifferently.