As recently as Nov of 2019 Uma began writing her latest book “Awakening the Buddha Consciousness: A modern day guide to achieving Nirvana” which revealed codes/art that are healing for humanity through the harmonic tones and light language. She is not an artist and has never held a brush until recently. Within days she started downloading codes and artwork that are complex patterns. She was led every step of the way. In a matter of months, she had created hundreds of diagrams, art and patterns. Those who have witnessed the artwork regardless of their spiritual stance have been in disbelief.  Her artwork was presented to one of the most cutting-edge remote viewers who confirmed that the work is being guided by a higher conscious ET’s.

The artwork contains codes and patterns that are part of the harmonics and sound healing. There is a naturally and organically resonating tone in the universe. This tone has a healing vibration that when heard is naturally healing to our bodies. However, due to the density we carry from past lives and the present life which you may call karma we are unable to hear this Metatone. When we release the density, that which we call good and bad, we naturally become a light body (as in weightless and luminous). This light body vibrates with the Metatones and is always in a healed state. Not only is it in a healed state since it is vibrating with the Metatones, it sends pulses of energy that shifts and elevates consciousness.

The artwork presented here are the Metatones that one cannot witness through the naked eye. The Metatones once experienced through the art heals the body naturally. There is a process and Uma walks this through in the healing session. If you would like to have a healing session or purchase an art, please reach out to Uma by filling out the contact form on the website or email her directly at