Uma was never an artist nor had any passion for art. She was writing a book in Dec of 2019 and she was told that she would be downloading metadata and metacodes. She was unsure and intimidated at the same time. However, she set aside the thought/feelings and continued to write. When she was wrapping up the last chapter the feelings and emotions swelled up. In spite of it, she sat down with a pen and notebook in her hand not knowing what to do. She told herself she has no idea what a metadata is. Then it dawned on her that she knew what metadata is from the perspective of technology. Right after which she put her pen on the paper and codes started flowing through her. Within a few days she started drawing patterns and a few days later she drew her art.

The art contains metatones which are sound harmonics. The key to her art is the golden mean which is the basis of everything in creation. The art is multi-dimension and kinetic in nature. It acts as a portal to key information. When one truly gets past the art one can see oneself beyond in the universe. Lest it can be a fascinating experience.

In 2019 Uma had yet another awakening into another dimension she had never ventured upon. She started downloading codes and art work. Never was she an artist and had no inkling or interest towards creating art. One day, it all changed. She was writing her latest book, when it was revealed to her that she would download codes. When she writes her channels are open and information flows freely without any prodding or thinking. While she was barely beginning to get comfortable with the writing, her art came into her life in an unexpected way. Had you asked her a few years ago if she could draw, she would have laughed. “No way” would have been her precise answer. Once she finished her latest book in Dec of 2019, with trepidation she sat down to tap into the codes. In short, she started downloading symbols unbeknownst to her. In about 5-6 days after which, she started drawing patterns that were musical in nature. In another week or so on Jan 2nd of 2020, she started drawing beautiful patterns at a rapid rate. Her patterns were unbelievable to herself. Fast forward to the current time, she has created over 300 pieces of art. Her work contains the golden mean as the basis. While friends and family not only find it to be too beautiful, the true identity of the art lies in the healing and the information it reveals. One can see the cosmos in her art. In June of 2020 she did a remote viewing session with a leading expert Dominique Surel. The result of the RV was astounding. It was confirmed in the RV that about 10-12 ET’s from an advanced civilization are connected to her and her art.